• Stress-NL Meeting 2019
    Stress-NL Meeting Stress-NL is an annual symposium where stress researchers in the Netherlands present their results as well as their upcoming studies. The event includes speakers from many different disciplines including microbiology, genetics, psychiatry and more. The aim of the meeting is to share the current understanding of the stress system and to encourage collaboration between … Read more
  • Next summer school on Early Programming will be in 2021!
    Summer School 2021 Please join our next edition of our 1-week summer school on Early Programming. This highly interactive course looks into a broad range of exciting and recently discovered environmental factors and mechanisms that shape early and long-term human development, using psychological and biological perspectives. The program will consist of lectures, and a variety … Read more
  • Is it important for the cognitive development to go outside with a young baby?
    Interview NRC "I have the impression that my six month old baby develops more when she is at home. There she moves and babbles more than when she's in other places. Out of our home it seems like she's taking a 'wait and see' approach and that she's more observant. Is it important for the … Read more
  • Interview NRC – Carolina de Weerth
    Interview NRC “I have a five months old granddaughter who I am regularly taking care of. What do I need to do when she starts crying and fussing? Do I need to comfort her immediately?” NRC interviewed Carolina de Weerth about this question. You can read her answer here (in Dutch).
  • Workshop Data Exploration and Analysis in Gut Microbiome Profiling Studies
    Workshop organized by the DPBLab On September 12-13, 2019 the DPBLab organized the workshop Data Exploration and Analysis in Gut Microbiome Profiling Studies given by Dr. Leo Lahti – Adjunct Professor in applied mathematics at the University of Turku (Finland). The course provided an overview of a standard bioinformatics workflow in microbiome research and focused … Read more
  • Why rough play is good for children
    Interview VOX Why rough play is good for children? Roseriet Beijers was interviewed by VOX to answer this question. Interested in reading more about this topic? Please click here to read the full article (in Dutch).
  • Summer School 2019
    How Early Life Shapes Human Development In the beginning of July the DPB lab organized a summer school on “Early programming: How early life shapes human development”. We were pleased to have so many enthusiastic students from several universities and eight different countries, joining the highly interactive program. Carolina de Weerth, Roseriet Beijers and Bonnie … Read more
  • DPBlab is organizing a Keynote Presentation
    Modern statistics in human gut microbiome research 12 September 12.00-13.00 Location: Radboudumc Nicolaes Tulp Zaal, Route 606
  • Data collection ARC Study completed!
    Data collection completed Early this month we completed data collection for our ARC study (Abidjan: Recherche sur la Cognition) in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire. ARC was designed to investigate the effects of dêguê enriched with a probiotic on the health and cognition of young children. Dêguê is a combination of fermented milk and millet and is already … Read more
  • Dutch Neuroscience Meeting 2019
    The Dutch Neuroscience Meeting took place on 20 and 21 June 2019 in Lunteren. Our lab was present with two talks form Carolina de Weerth. She showed results from several studies related to associations of early life stress and behavioral outcomes in early and middle childhood. She also focused on the development of the human … Read more
  • Are Sleep Regressions Real?
    Are sleep regressions real? A popular theory suggests that young children go through exactly 10 difficult periods of fussiness followed by leaps in growth, but the evidence isn’t quite so tidy. Click here to read an interesting article about this.
  • Parental leave
    Parental leave The European Parliament has decided that both parents are entitled to paid parental leave of at least two months. Carolina de Weerth has been asked by De Limburger to give her opinion about this directive. “A good step forward”, so she says. Click below for the full article (in Dutch):MGL ouderschapsverlof
  • A trip around the world with young children
    Is it wise to travel around the world with young children? Carolina de Weerth answered this question in an interview with NRC. Click here to read the full article in Dutch.
  • Interview Mind, Mood & Microbes Conference
    Interview Carolina de Weerth An interesting interview with Carolina de Weerth about Stress, bacteria and early development at the Mind, Mood & Microbes Conference, January 2019. Click here to see the video. Click on the second video The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis and Neurodevelopment.
  • BINGO research on TV
    BINGO research on TV Click here to see the video. Skip to 16.16 minutes to see the interview with Peter Bos.
  • Mind, Mood & Microbes conference – 2019
    On 17 and 18 January (2019), the 2nd international conference Mind Mood & Microbes took place at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. It brought together academics, industry, and healthcare professionals.  Exciting new research about the relationship of the gut microbiome and mental health was presented and discussed. Henrik Eckermann presented a poster about … Read more
  • Christmas story: room sharing
    Christmas story: room sharing For under the Christmas tree: Radboud Recharge provides you with 31 stories from the researchers of the Radboud University, with their own view on Christmas. Also the research about room sharing from Roseriet Beijers got his own Christmas twist. Baby Jezus was born under harsh circumstances, but one thing was an advantage: … Read more
  • Interview Roseriet Beijers in magazine ‘Vroeg’
    Interview Roseriet Beijers in magazine ‘Vroeg’ Roseriet Beijers was interviewed by the magazine ‘Vroeg’. This is a magazine about the young child and different themes that play a role in the early life of a child. If you’re interested in this interview, you can request a copy of this article via the e-mail address
  • Should we feed our children bacteria?
    Should we feed our children bacteria? In recent years, scientists have discovered that the microorganisms in our gut can do much more than simply aid in digestion. Indeed, the “gut microbiota,” composed mostly of bacteria, can even influence emotions and cognition, a finding that has sparked a great deal of interest. Also, there is growing evidence … Read more
  • Kick-off ARC study in Ivory Coast
    Kick-off ARC study in Ivory Coast This week we launched our ARC study (Abidjan: Recherche sur la Cognition) in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire. ARC was designed to investigate the effects of dêguê enriched with a probiotic on the health and cognition of young children. Dêguê is a combination of fermented milk and millet and is already a part … Read more
  • Much attention for the latest BIBO paper
    Much attention for the latest BIBO paper The newest publication from the BIBO-study, about parent-infant room-sharing during the first 6 months of life, gained a lot of attention from the (social) media. The press release can be read here (in Dutch: and in English: you have seen or heard Roseriet Beijers coming by on Editie NL, BNR newsradio, … Read more
  • Radiodoc: From the baby and the sleep
    Radiodoc: From the baby and the sleep The Flemish radio maker Joyce de Badts has young twins who are refusing to sleep in their own bed during the night. She talks about this sleeping problem with other parents, professionals, and scientists, including Roseriet Beijers. This radio documentary can now be heard on:
  • Young Investigator Award for Pamela Browne!
    Young Investigator Award for Pamela Browne! One of our PhD-students, Pamela Browne, has recently been awarded a Young Investigator Award (YIA) by the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)! The YIA is an award for young investigators to present their research at the ESPGHAN Annual Meeting, this year held in Geneva (Switzerland) … Read more
  • Veni grant for Roseriet Beijers!
    Veni grant for Roseriet Beijers! Congratulations! Roseriet won a prestigious personal Veni research grant from NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). Only around 10% of applicants are granted this research grant so this makes us very happy to announce this news and extremely proud of Roseriet as well. Over the next years, Roseriet will carry … Read more
  • Summer School course 2018
    Summer School course 2018 In August we spent a wonderful week teaching our Radboud Summer School course Early Programming: How Early Life Shapes Human Development. We had a group of 17 highly motivated students, mostly working on their PhDs, and eager to spend a summer week learning something new about early development. The students came from … Read more
  • VNOP 2018 Best Flash Talk Award for Pamela Browne
    VNOP 2018 Best Flash Talk Award for Pamela Browne Congratulations to our PhD-student Pamela Browne! She was recently awarded the VNOP 2018 Best Flash Talk Award at the annual conference of the Dutch Society for Developmental Psychology. Pamela presented the results of a study about the association between maternal postnatal psychosocial distress (i.e. anxiety, stress, and depression) and … Read more
  • Developmental leaps in babies
    Developmental leaps in babies Following a new edition of the book Oei, ik groei!, Carolina de Weerth was interviewed. This book is intended to help parents understand their baby and toddler’s development. Parents can use the book to check what their baby or child should be able to do at a certain age and which behavior … Read more
  • Vici-grant for Carolina de Weerth!
    Vici-grant for Carolina de Weerth! Our lab is very happy to announce that Carolina won a 1.5 million euro Vici research grant from NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). The prestigious Vici grant is one of the largest individual scientific prizes in the Netherlands. This year, the NWO awarded 35 Vici grants in total, distributed … Read more
  • Visit Anna Truzzi
    Visit Anna Truzzi During the month of February, Anna Truzzi is visiting our lab. Anna graduated in Psychology – Neuroscience and is currently doing her PhD in Psychological and Educational Sciences at the University of Trento. Within her PhD she is working on a joint project between University of Trento (Italy), RIKEN Brain Science Institute … Read more
  • Visit Ivory Coast
    Visit Ivory Coast Bonnie and Carolina visited a school in Ivory Coast as part of the preparation for one of the Jacobs Foundation fellowship projects. Milk ferments that have known beneficial effects, also called probiotics, can have positive influences on health and cognition when consumed as a dietary supplement. Studies in humans demonstrate that ingestion … Read more
  • Stress and anxiety in pregnancy
    Stress and anxiety in pregnancy Click here to read the full  article about Stress and anxiety during pregnancy in Vakblad Vroeg (in Dutch).
  • Jacobs Foundation Advanced Fellowship for Carolina de Weerth
    Jacobs Foundation Advanced Fellowship for Carolina de Weerth Carolina received a fellowship to carry out research within the Jacobs Foundation TRECC program in Ivory Coast from 2017-2019. She will carry out studies in infants and in preschoolers, investigating whether a probiotic food supplement can be linked to better cognitive functioning. The ultimate goal is to improve … Read more
  • Radboud Excellence Professorship Jude Cassidy
    Radboud Excellence Professorship Jude Cassidy Professor Jude Cassidy, professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland at College Park, visited the DPB lab as part of the Radboud Excellence Professorship from September 2016 until December 2016. Professor Jude Cassidy is an expert in socio-emotional development from infancy through adolescence with an emphasis on attachment and family relationship. … Read more
  • Sara van Dam grant for Roseriet Beijers
    Sara van Dam grant for Roseriet Beijers In December 2015, the DPB-lab received great news: Roseriet Beijers received a Sara van Dam project grant from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). This grant will be used to follow-up on the children from the longitudinal BIBO-study and to set up a small project … Read more
  • Temperament kinderen NL versus VS
    Temperament kinderen NL versus VS Naar aanleiding van het artikel over temperamentverschillen tussen Nederlandse en Amerikaanse kinderen is BIBO volop in het nieuws geweest! ‘Nederlandse baby’s relaxter dan Amerikaanse’ “Nederlandse baby’s lachen veel” LIBELLE “Nederlandse baby’s zijn blij” DE TELEGRAAF “Nederlandse baby’s lachen vaker dan Amerikaanse” DE VOLKSKRANT
  • Stress, zwangerschap en babypoep
    Stress, Zwangerschap en Babypoep Stress tijdens de zwangerschap wordt vaak in verband gebracht met fysieke en psychische problemen van het kind. Maar hoe werkt de stress van de moeder in op het kind? Zouden de darmbacteriën die het kind meekrijgt van de moeder een rol kunnen spelen? Een eerste studie naar deze samenhang in mensen … Read more
  • Babypoep en huilen
    Bacteriële blauwdruk in babypoep hangt samen met huilgedrag Aan- of afwezigheid van bepaalde bacteriën in de poep van een tot twee weken oude  baby’s hangt samen met hevig huilen een maand later. Huilbaby’s hebben twee keer zo veel proteobacteriën in hun ontlasting dan andere baby’s en juist veel minder van bepaalde andere bacteriën. Dat blijkt … Read more
  • Promotie Roseriet Beijers
    Stress in zwangerschap: kind vaker ziek Als een moeder tijdens haar zwangerschap veel angst en stress heeft ervaren, heeft haar kind in het eerste levensjaar ook meer gezondheidsproblemen. Naarmate de moeder meer stress en zorgen heeft, is het kind ook vaker ziek, zo blijkt uit een van de studies waarop Roseriet Beijers op 29 oktober … Read more
  • Radioprogramma Hoe?Zo!
    Interview Carolina de Weerth in radioprogramma Hoe?Zo! In september 2011 is Carolina de Weerth geïnterviewd over de gevonden resultaten m.b.t. de relatie tussen co-sleeping en stress reactiviteit van baby’s. Dit interview was naar aanleiding van een persbericht dat uitgegeven was door de Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO). Dit persbericht kunt u hieronder lezen. NWO … Read more