End of the NinO study

In the Spring of 2020 we started planning the NinO studie, with the aim of studying the role of contact and proximity during infants’ first months in Dutch daycare centres.

We discussed our protocol extensively with different daycare providers and professionals, created materials for parents and teachers, obtained ethical approval, and carried out pilot tests. Unfortunately this process took longer than usual, because of repeated Covid-19 delays. However, we also found many childcare centres that were very enthusiastic about participating, and we had hoped to start before the Summer of 2021 with the project.

Unfortunately, the continuation of strict regulations in childcare centres throughout the Summer led to so many additional delays, that we have now decided to stop the project completely.

Even though Covid has crossed our plans, we think that the NinO studie has resulted in a promising collaboration between scientists and daycare centres, and has paved the way to practice-oriented research in the future!

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