Germaine (Malaysia) – Master Student

“I did my research internship in DPB lab as part of my Masters requirement. Their openness and acceptance of everyone being equal is what allowed me to grow and be more outspoken. During my time there, I was given opportunities to be involved in department and team meetings, events and also being able to plan and contribute ideas. The unique combination and scope of research in this department also provided a learning platform towards the diversity of influences towards early development. It is with my pleasure that I recommend this research team.”

Julia (Brazil) – Bachelor Student

“I was an exchange student from Brazil at Radboud University, as a biologist I was always fascinated about the brain and people’s mind. I decided to take the Psychobiology of Behavior course with Professor Carolina de Weerth and I found myself in love with psychobiology. I spent about 4 months in an internship at the DPBLab and it was the best part of my exchange year, I could meet a lot of nice people that are always willing to teach you new things, apply the knowledge that I got during the classes and improve my research skills. I highly recomend working with this team.”

Claire (Scotland) – Master Student

“I worked as a research assistant in the Developmental Psychobiology lab for three months throughout the summer of 2015. My main duty was to assist PhD student Christine Hechler in processes such as recruitment, laboratory visits, data collection, literature reading and data analysis. It was an extremely beneficial and rewarding experience that I would highly recommend to any student considering a career in research.”

Ilaria (Italy) – PhD Student

“As a PhD student from Italy, I worked in the DPB Lab. It was exciting how this research group combines both the biological and psychological approach within their research. I appreciated the atmosphere in the lab. The people were enthusiastic and kind. I felt welcomed and, even from the first day on, I was part of the team. During my visit, I have participated in the weekly Lab-meetings, I have shared my research ideas and experiences with fellow PhD students, and I have learned a lot about different psychobiology topics, such as prenatal stress, hormones and microbiota. It was an inspiring time and, in the future, I wish to return to the DPB Lab.”

Anna (Italy) – PhD Student

“I have been visiting the DBP lab for a month as a PhD student and I worked together with the team performing predictive modelling and classification analysis. The DBP lab team has been kind and supporting during all my stay. The atmosphere in the lab is welcoming and enthusiastic and I have been actively involved in all the lab meetings and activities since my very first day. The research carried out in the DBP lab is advanced and both its theoretical and practical implications about the psychobiology of caregiver-infant interactions will strongly influence future researches and society. The time spent with Carolina and her team has been extremely beneficial for both my research skills and my personal growth. I hope I’ll have more chances to work with the DBP lab in the future and I highly recommend this research team.”