PIP Study

Maternal prenatal depressive or anxiety symptoms are associated with adverse maternal and infant health outcomes. With prevalence rates of maternal prenatal depression and anxiety ranging between 10-20%, attempts to identify effective interventions to reduce symptoms are important. There are indications that probiotics can reduce symptoms of maternal postnatal depression or anxiety. Probiotics ingested by the mother may thus offer a promising and accessible intervention to complement existing treatments.

The Probiotics in Pregnancy (PIP) pilot trial is a double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized pilot trial. Forty healthy pregnant women with symptoms of depression or anxiety and uncomplicated pregnancies at randomization will join the study. The primary goal of the PIP trial to determine the feasibility and acceptability of a probiotic trial to reduce symptoms of maternal depression or anxiety in pregnancy. Results of this pilot trial will lay the basis for a design of a larger clinical trial. Additionally, they are expected to provide insights into whether changes in psychological, behavioral and biological parameters can be attributed to the probiotic intervention.

The following people from our lab are working in this study: Pamela Browne, Carolina de Weerth

For participants / Voor deelnemers

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