KION & BRC: Sensitive care in childcare

On April 13th the theme-event ‘Sensitive Care in Babies’ took place, an initiative of KION and the Baby & Child Research Center. About 100 people attended the event to learn more about this topic.

What does science say?
Carolina de Weerth spoke about the importance of early development: experiences at an early age affect physical and mental health later in life. She gave the example of cosleeping, where babies sleep in the parent’s room. These children show more prosocial behavior and better sleep quality at the age of 6-8 years. Possibly this is because parents can respond better and faster to the child’s signals. In other words: provide sensitive care.

Sensitive care in practice
Coach Marianne Krabben en policy advisor Mireille Aarts elaborated this. They explained how they provide sensitive care in childcare. In childcare it is not possible to give every child continuous attention. Therefore, they make extra use of the moments of care. During these moments (e.g. when changing diapers), they give the child undivided attention which allows them to watch and respond well to the child.

It was a very successful and inspiring evening and we’d like to thank all speakers and attendees!

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