3B Study

The 3B study (Baby, Breastfeeding, and Back-2-work) investigates the well-being of mothers who breastfeed their infant and returned to work. Questions to be answered are whether maternal well-being can predict breastmilk composition and subequent infant behavior. We will also investigate how mothers recover from work. This study follows mothers and their young infants for two days, and asks them to: 1) provide milk samples three times per day), 2) to fill out some questionnaires, and 3) to keep a diary for these two days. We are recruiting mothers from every part of the Netherlands. 
For more information, please visit www.3bstudie.wordpress.com or mail r.beijers@psych.ru.nl.

The following people from our lab are working in this study: Roseriet Beijers, Carolina de Weerth