Summer School 12-16 July 2021
Baby & Child Research Center: How Early Life Shapes Human Development

Please join the next edition of our 1-week summer school on Early Programming in 2021!

This highly interactive course looks into a broad range of exciting and recently discovered environmental factors and mechanisms that shape early and long-term human development, using psychological and biological perspectives. The program will consist of lectures, and a variety of individual and small group assignments and discussions. Topics include:
– Early life stress, including maternal stress during pregnancy and postnatal stress.
– Early caregiving environment, including attachment, feeding and sleeping arrangements, paternal care and non-parental care.
– Biological markers, including hormones, and telomere physiology.  
– Health, including intestinal microbiota.
– Early prevention and intervention, including in infants born preterm.

Admission Requirements
The course is aimed at master and PhD students of Psychology, Pedagogics, Biology, Medicine or related fields.

12-16 July 2021

Application Deadline
1 May 2021

Early bird fee
€ 221:
– for students and PhDs from our partner universities
– for students and PhDs from Radboud University
– for alumni of Radboud Summer School and Radboud University
€ 266: for all other applicants.
Deadline early bird: 1 March 2021

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