GO Baby Study

GO Baby stands for “Gewoontes in de Opvoeding van Baby’s” and is a study examining caregiving habits of young infants. The GO Baby project consists of two sub-projects. The first part entails a brief Dutch nation-wide online survey regarding mothers’ caretaking habits in the Netherlands.

The second part is a lab-based assessment in the Baby and Child Research Center in Nijmegen,during which we investigate how behaviors during infant caregiving tasks is related to hormones. In the lab, mothers fill in questionnaires, collect saliva samples of themselves and their infant, and perform behavioral tasks with their infant. In addition, we investigate the role of physical proximity and activity during the tasks.

The national survey was launched in May 2022, and recruitment for the lab assessment will start in the summer of 2022.

Visit our website for more information: https://gobabystudie.nl/.

The following people from our lab are working in this study: Nicole Rheinheimer, Stefania Vacaru, Carolina de Weerth

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