Defense at the University of Turku, Finland, by Susanna Kortesluoma

On February 21, Carolina de Weerth was invited to the University of Turku Finland as an opponent at the defense of PhD student Susanna Kortesluoma. Susanna defended a dissertation in Pharmacology, Drug Development and Therapeutics entitled ”The Role of Maternal Prenatal Distress in the Development and Functioning of the Infant Cortisol Stress Response”.

The 2-hour long defense was a great opportunity for Carolina to ask Susanna all kinds of questions, from details of the studies to broader questions on open science practices. Susanna did an excellent job in answering the battery of questions making the discussion enrichening and enjoyable. The success of the defense was celebrated with a delicious dinner with family and the committee.

We congratulate Dr. Susanna Kortesluoma on behalf of the DPB Lab!

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