SMILEY: New wave 2 years

The SMILEY team likes to announce that we just started a new wave of data collection at 2 years. While we are still busy with collecting data at 8 months, the oldest SMILEY children just turned 2 and are invited for a new SMILEY wave. This round will be a bit different and will be entirely at home. Within this round we study the daily hormone pattern of mother and child at 2 years old, together with questionnaires about maternal wellbeing and children’s development. In the future we like to connect early influences during and after pregnancy to the health and development of the child at 2 years. We are all very excited to get to know more about early development within our SMILEY cohort! SMILEY participants will receive more information about this round around the 2nd birthday of their little SMILEY-researcher.

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