ISPNE 2022

Two PhD students from our lab, Henrik and Nina visited the conference of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology (ISPNE) this month. The conference was held in Chicago and was visited by researchers all over the world interested in hormones and psychobiology. The theme was Across the Lifespan this year, making it perfect to fit the research of the DPB lab. Henrik presented a poster about hair cortisol levels during pregnancy in Argentinan women (see below!). Nina had a talk about prenatal hair cortisol concentrations during the COVID-19 outbreak and infant temperament. Moreover, Nina also won an Early Career Award, based on her hair cortisol study. Congrats Nina! It was especially special because it was Henriks and Nina’s first real-life International conference. Overall it was a great experience!

Our PhD student Nina Bruinhof presenting at ISPNE

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