Last baby visit of the SMILEY study

For the past two years we have been very busy with our data collection for the SMILEY project, in which we study perinatal factors of children’s development. This project consist of multiple online questionnaires, but also two visits to the lab: one during pregnancy and one postnatal visit when the babies are around 7 weeks old. We just had our last SMILEY mother and baby visit our lab, which means the end of this part of the SMILEY study. The SMILEY mother and babies gave use an enormous amount of interesting biological and behavioral data, which the SMILEY team cannot wait to analyze! Moreover, we are already busy with a SMILEY follow-up study at 8 months, which include new measures, such as a short eye tracking task for the children.

The SMILEY team is super grateful to have such fun participants that help science. Therefore we would like to thank all the mothers and babies for their time, energy and enthusiasm they gave to the SMILEY study!

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