BINGo study

For the past decades, numerous studies have shown that early life experiences, even during pregnancy, have a tremendous impact on infant and child development. Research and the resulting scientific knowledge in this area are highly relevant, because knowledge on how early experiences shape development can increase the chances of early detection of children who have a higher risk of adverse developmental outcomes. This knowledge can also provide valuable insights for the design of prevention and intervention programs established to decrease the risk of adverse developmental outcomes in infancy and childhood. While the research field of early development is growing, and provides many interesting and valuable insights, many gaps in knowledge remain. 

The broader goal of the BINGO project is to contribute scientific knowledge to the field of early development, by focusing on two specific areas that are approached through two research aims. The first aim is to shed light on possible prenatal predictors of the quality of parental caregiving in the first months after the birth of their infant. The second aim is to examine possible mechanisms underlying the link between maternal stress and child outcomes.

The following people of our lab are working in this study: Yvonne Willemsen, Roseriet Beijers, Carolina de Weerth

For participants / voor deelnemers

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