Welcome to the DPB Lab!

The Developmental Psychobiology Lab’s (DPB lab) research focuses on early life influences on development. During pregnancy and the early postnatal years, environmental factors are more likely to exert programming, or long-term, effects on the child’s development. Our lab’s research includes three lines: first, influences of prenatal maternal mental wellbeing on children’s health and behavioural development; second, development of the physiological stress system in children, and its relation to behavioural and emotional regulation and physical health. And third, the development of the intestinal microbiota and its relation to children’s health, behavioural and emotion regulation, and physiological stress system.

Latest news
  • SMILEY Study has started!
    SMILEY Study has started! We are very happy to announce the start of a new longitudinal project: SMILEY (Study of MIcrobiota and Lifestyle in the Early Years). For this study we will investigate the well-being of pregnant women, their … Read more
  • Stress-NL Meeting 2019
    Stress-NL Meeting Stress-NL is an annual symposium where stress researchers in the Netherlands present their results as well as their upcoming studies. The event includes speakers from many different disciplines including microbiology, genetics, psychiatry and more. The aim of the … Read more
  • Next summer school on Early Programming will be in 2021!
    Summer School 2021 Please join our next edition of our 1-week summer school on Early Programming. This highly interactive course looks into a broad range of exciting and recently discovered environmental factors and mechanisms that shape early and long-term … Read more
  • Is it important for the cognitive development to go outside with a young baby?
    Interview NRC "I have the impression that my six month old baby develops more when she is at home. There she moves and babbles more than when she's in other places. Out of our home it seems like she's … Read more