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The Developmental Psychobiology Lab’s (DPB lab) research focuses on early life influences on development. During pregnancy and the early postnatal years, environmental factors are more likely to exert programming, or long-term, effects on the child’s development. Our lab’s research includes three lines: first, influences of prenatal maternal mental wellbeing on children’s health and behavioural development; second, development of the physiological stress system in children, and its relation to behavioural and emotional regulation and physical health. And third, the development of the intestinal microbiota and its relation to children’s health, behavioural and emotion regulation, and physiological stress system.

Latest news
  • Visit Minister Van Engelshoven
    Online visit Minister Van Engelshoven Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven from Education, Culture and Science paid an online visit to the Radboudumc to talk with Radboudumc-scientists about current Covid-19 research. Carolina de Weerth spoke with her about the COPE Study….
  • Parental Leave 2022
    Interview NPO Radio 1 As from August 2022, the regulation for parental leave will be extended. Carolina de Weerth spoke about this topic at NPO Radio 1. Interested in reading the whole article? Click here.
  • Social distancing during the Covid-19 crisis
    Interview Volkskrant Carolina de Weerth, colleague Benno Roozendaal, and Sander Koole (Free University) were interviewed by the Volkskrant about the importance of physical contact. The article discusses the effects of social distancing and a lack of physical contact during the Covid-19 crisis. You can read…
  • Start COPE Study: Covid-19 and Perinatal Experiences
    The COPE-study follows women and men that would like to become pregnant, or are pregnant, or had a baby <6 months ago, during the Covid-19 outbreak This study is part of an international study investigating Covid-19 related positive and negative experiences in (future)…