Welcome to the DPB Lab!

The Developmental Psychobiology Lab’s (DPB lab) research focuses on early life influences on development. During pregnancy and the early postnatal years, environmental factors are more likely to exert programming, or long-term, effects on the child’s development. Our lab’s research includes three lines: first, influences of prenatal maternal mental wellbeing on children’s health and behavioural development; second, development of the physiological stress system in children, and its relation to behavioural and emotional regulation and physical health. And third, the development of the intestinal microbiota and its relation to children’s health, behavioural and emotion regulation, and physiological stress system.

Latest news
  • Summer School 2019
    How Early Life Shapes Human Development In the beginning of July the DPB lab organized a summer school on “Early programming: How early life shapes human development”. We were pleased to have so many enthusiastic students from several universities … Read more
  • DPBlab is organizing a Keynote Presentation
    Modern statistics in human gut microbiome research 12 September 12.00-13.00 Location: Radboudumc Nicolaes Tulp Zaal, Route 606
  • Data collection ARC Study completed!
    Data collection completed Early this month we completed data collection for our ARC study (Abidjan: Recherche sur la Cognition) in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire. ARC was designed to investigate the effects of dêguê enriched with a probiotic on the health … Read more
  • Dutch Neuroscience Meeting 2019
    The Dutch Neuroscience Meeting took place on 20 and 21 June 2019 in Lunteren. Our lab was present with two talks form Carolina de Weerth. She showed results from several studies related to associations of early life stress and … Read more
  • A trip around the world with young children
    Is it wise to travel around the world with young children? Carolina de Weerth answered this question in an interview with NRC. Click here to read the full article in Dutch.