Welcome to the DPB Lab!

The Developmental Psychobiology Lab’s (DPB lab) research focuses on early life influences on development. During pregnancy and the early postnatal years, environmental factors are more likely to exert programming, or long-term, effects on the child’s development. Our lab’s research includes three lines: first, influences of prenatal maternal mental wellbeing on children’s health and behavioural development; second, development of the physiological stress system in children, and its relation to behavioural and emotional regulation and physical health. And third, the development of the intestinal microbiota and its relation to children’s health, behavioural and emotion regulation, and physiological stress system.

Latest news
  • KNAW Early Career Award for Roseriet Beijers!
    We are very happy to announce that Roseriet Beijers won the KNAW Early Career Award for her research on how early life experiences effect the child’s development! ​ The KNAW Early Career Award is intended to support and encourage talented PhD graduates….
  • A Win! Win! Win! for learning
    Interview about our ARC project Carolina de Weerth and Bonnie Brett have been working with first graders through the Jacobs Foundation TRECC program in Côte d’Ivoire to determine whether an inexpensive probiotic food supplement can be linked to better cognitive functioning….
  • When should a baby start childcare?
    Interview AD Most babies start childcare at 3 months in The Netherlands. Is this the best age to start childcare? The experts disagree. Carolina de Weerth and Ruben Fukkink were interviewed on this topic.Curious about their opinions? You can…
  • FLUX Conference 2020
    We joined this year’s (virtual) International Congress of Infant Studies The FLUX Society for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience has organized their annual scientific congress from 9th to 12th September. This year, the event had to take place online due to…