Vici-grant for Carolina de Weerth!

Vici-grant for Carolina de Weerth!

Our lab is very happy to announce that Carolina won a 1.5 million euro Vici research grant from NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). The prestigious Vici grant is one of the largest individual scientific prizes in the Netherlands. This year, the NWO awarded 35 Vici grants in total, distributed over all scientific disciplines. Over the next five years, Carolina can use this money to perform her research and further build her own research group. With her Vici grant, she wants to find out how intestinal bacteria affect typical human development, from infancy to adolescence. She will do this by investigating how bacteria colonize the intestines, in situations with more or less early life stress. Intestinal bacteria are essential for health, and as recently shown in animals, probably also affect our brain and behavior.

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