Developmental leaps in babies

Developmental leaps in babies

Following a new edition of the book Oei, ik groei!, Carolina de Weerth was interviewed. This book is intended to help parents understand their baby and toddler’s development. Parents can use the book to check what their baby or child should be able to do at a certain age and which behavior is linked to this.

At the end of the nineties, Carolina de Weerth, then a PhD student, refuted the theory of the so-called leaps or transitions. She did not find all the leaps in the development of the children she tested, nor did these leaps ocur in the periods predicted. She did find evidence for leaps, but nog as universally as described in Oei, ik groei!

Carolina de Weerth points out that there are many different reasons why a baby may be irritable or cry a lot. It can be related to hunger, intestinal cramps or the need fot attention. She also says that she has not seen any scientific evidence since 1997 that Plooij’s theory is correct.
Click here to see the full article (in Dutch) in NRC.

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