FLUX Conference 2020

We joined this year’s (virtual) International Congress of Infant Studies The FLUX Society for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience has organized their annual scientific congress from 9th to 12th September. This year, the event had to take place online due to COVID-19 and members from our lab have joined remotely from their homes. The congress offered several…

Vacancy: Postdoc

Vacancy: Postdoc FunctieomschrijvingTNO en Radboudumc samen zoeken een postdoc ‘onderzoek effectiviteit van Shantala babymassage in de jeugdgezondheidszorg voor kwetsbare gezinnen in het eerste levensjaar’. De aanstelling geschiedt via het Radboudumc, afdeling Cognitieve Neurowetenschap. De standplaats van de postdoc betreft TNO Child Health, Leiden. Je gaat samen met collega’s (Radboudumc en TNO) en externe partners werken…

ICIS Conference 2020

We joined this year’s (virtual) International Congress of Infant Studies The International Congress of Infant Studies (ICIS) organises a scientific conference on infant development every 2 years. This year, due to Covid-19, the ICIS conference had to take place online. Several members of our lab joined the virtual conference (vICIS) in the week of 6th…

Visit Minister Van Engelshoven

Online visit Minister Van Engelshoven Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven from Education, Culture and Science paid an online visit to the Radboudumc to talk with Radboudumc-scientists about current Covid-19 research. Carolina de Weerth spoke with her about the COPE Study. This study follows women and men that would like to become pregnant, are pregnant, or had a baby…

Parental Leave 2022

Interview NPO Radio 1 As from August 2022, the regulation for parental leave will be extended. Carolina de Weerth spoke about this topic at NPO Radio 1. Interested in reading the whole article? Click here.

Social distancing during the Covid-19 crisis

Interview Volkskrant Carolina de Weerth, colleague Benno Roozendaal, and Sander Koole (Free University) were interviewed by the Volkskrant about the importance of physical contact. The article discusses the effects of social distancing and a lack of physical contact during the Covid-19 crisis. You can read the whole article here.

Start COPE Study: Covid-19 and Perinatal Experiences

The COPE-study follows women and men that would like to become pregnant, or are pregnant, or had a baby <6 months ago, during the Covid-19 outbreak This study is part of an international study investigating Covid-19 related positive and negative experiences in (future) parents. The Dutch part is a collaboration between Tilburg University and Radboudumc, and is funded by…

Group meetings in times of Corona

In the coming weeks our lab is meeting digitally instead of in person. Working at home and social distancing make these digital meetings special moments for social contact and hearing how everybody is doing, as well as for sharing findings and discussing new scientific papers.

What can I expect from a daycare center?

Interview NRC “Our nine-month-old daughter goes to daycare for four days a week. We have found a place that offers high-quality care, but I have some extra wishes. For example, I want the teachers to give her the breast milk together with her fruit snack. Can I ask the daycare to do this? What can…

Invest in the first years of development

Interview Telegraaf When parental leave ends, many children go to daycare. Sometimes mothers feel guilty about leaving their young baby at daycare. Carolina de Weerth was interviewed by the Telegraaf about this topic. Interested in reading the whole article? Click here.