Visit Anna Truzzi

Visit Anna Truzzi

During the month of February, Anna Truzzi is visiting our lab. Anna graduated in Psychology – Neuroscience and is currently doing her PhD in Psychological and Educational Sciences at the University of Trento. Within her PhD she is working on a joint project between University of Trento (Italy), RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Japan) and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) under the supervision of Prof. Gianluca Esposito and Prof. Kumi O. Kuroda. The project aims to comparatively investigate the core features of caregiver-infant bond development with the underlying behavioral and physiological mechanisms in humans and marmosets, a non-human primate (Callithrix Jacchus). During her stay at the Radboud University Anna will be working with Prof. Carolina de Weerth investigating which maternal traits characteristics and which mothers’ and infants’ pre- and peri-natal variables are more likely to predict infants’ developmental outcomes in the first year of life.

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