Prize-winning posters at SRCD conference!

During the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) conference the work by Yangwenshan Ou and Bonnie Brett were recognized as outstanding interdisciplinary and international research, respectively, for which each received a prize. We are so proud of them!

Ph.D. candidate Yangwenshan Ou’s work entitled “Gut Microbiota Development in Healthy Children in The First Decade of Life: Associations with Behavior” received an award as a poster best exemplifying interdisciplinary research. This poster, based on an ongoing longitudinal study BIBO, showed different developmental trajectories of the gut microbiota from birth to age ten years and exploratorily found that gut microorganism Prevotella_9 in childhood was positively related with increased externalizing problems at age ten. Click here to see the poster.

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Bonnie E. Brett’s work entitled “Probiotic Food Supplement Effects on Cortisol and C-Reactive Protein in First Graders in Ivory Coast” also received a designation as a poster best reflecting international research. The poster, featuring the ARC project, showed that children who consumed a probiotic dairy product for part of one semester at school had lower salivary cortisol than children who consumed a placebo dairy product and children who followed their usual diet. Click here to see this poster.

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