VNOP Conference and prizes

On May 18-19, 2021 the 7th edition of the biennial VNOP (Vereniging voor Nederlandse Ontwikkelingspyschologie) conference took place.

Developmental psychologists gathered online to present their state-of-the-art research projects to each other and critically discuss a wide range of topics within the field. Several of our (former) lab members contributed to this conference. Timothy Houtman gave a poster presentation on “Gut Microbes and the Development of BMI in the First 12 Years of Life”. Emma Bolhuis presented a poster on the biological embedding of fast life history strategies, for which she received the best poster award. Postdoctoral fellow Stefania Vacaru gave a flash talk titled “Five-year-olds’ facial mimicry following social ostracism is modulated by attachment security”. Postdoctoral fellow Bonnie Brett won a flash talk award for her presentation on probiotics and cognition in West Africa, which included findings and lessons on cross-cultural research. We enjoyed participating in this conference and congratulate the winners!

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