Virtual lab visit with UC Davis and University of Zurich

The Developmental Psychobiology lab hosted a unique lab visit from two international research groups, on December 15, led by Dr. Camelia Hostinar (UC Davis, California, US) and Prof. Dr. Nora Raschle (University of Zurich, CH). This initiative is a part of the Jacob’s Foundation collaboration between the three labs, to carry out a project on biobehavioural synchrony and learning during early development. The lab visit consisted of a series of presentations by Prof. de Weerth and the DPB lab members. Learning sessions were also organized to provide some more in-depth information about research areas of expertise of the lab, such as stress research, human milk and the microbiota. These presentations triggered much discussion, which will possibly lead to future interdisciplinary collaborations and/or network opportunities. The lab visit finished with a virtual journey through the Netherlands!

The original plan was for the PhDs and Postdoc working on the project to travel to each lab for training purposes, but since this is no longer possible due to Corona, we adapted to virtual visits. We are now looking forward to “travel” to California in January and Zurich in February.

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