Prize-winning posters at SRCD conference!

During the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) conference the work by Yangwenshan Ou and Bonnie Brett were recognized as outstanding interdisciplinary and international research, respectively, for which each received a prize. We are so proud of them! Ph.D. candidate Yangwenshan Ou’s work entitled “Gut Microbiota Development in Healthy Children in The First Decade…

SRCD Conference 2021

The Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) conference is one of the biggest conferences in the developmental field, gathering scientists from all over the world under the same roof every two years. Interestingly, this year the roof was digital, with a virtual conference that saw hundreds of experts coming together and discussing the latest…

COPE Study in the news

Will the pandemic affect young parents and their newborn babies ? What are the positive and/or negative effects? Together with expecting parents, Roseriet Beijers was interviewed by Metro Nieuws to talk about this topic. She spoke about the COPE study and the results. Interesting in reading the article? Click here!

Childcare in times of the Covid-19 crisis

Column Opgevoed in NRC “Our one-year old daughter goes to childcare for the first time. Unfortunately, given the Covid-19 measures including facemasks, her start is going to be different than usual. Can we still create a save and pleasant start for her during this settling-in period?” Carolina de Weerth was asked by the NRC to…

Vakblad Vroeg: health care in times of corona

The corona measures have a big impact on the health care for pregnant women, young mothers and their partners. As a result of that, the percentage of pregnant women and young mothers with depressive feelings and anxiety complaints have grown significantly. Our article about care in times of corona has been published in Vroeg magazine….

Roseriet Beijers on national radio

Roseriet Beijers was invited to Focus, a program on NPO Radio 1. She was there to talk about her research, the KNAW Award she received last Monday and the COPE Study. You can watch and/or listen to the one-hour show via the buttons below!

Science meets entertainment: BRC Science Slam

The Baby & Child Research Center proudly announces the first BRC Science Slam. Join us on Saturday, February 20, at 8 pm for a night of science and entertainment. Five early career researchers get 10 minutes each to present their research in a fun and entertaining way. How do children develop interpersonal coordination? What’s the role of…

Full-time childcare and bonding

This week Carolina de Weerth responds to a parenting question for the column “Opgevoed in newspaper NRC”. “Since this month I have a new job, where I work five days a week and my son goes to childcare full-time. Will it harm our bonding if he goes to childcare for five days a week? Will…

The effects of 1,5m distance on children

A high five, a comforting hug. This was the normal way to go for children. But what are the effects of 1,5 meter distance on children? Carolina de Weerth and Simone Mark were interviewed by RTLNieuws about this topic. Click here to read the article.

Much media attention for the latest DPB lab paper

The newest publication from the DPB lab, about anxious or depressed feelings during pregnancy, gained a lot of attention from the (social) media! We are very pleased to see this because the paper is about a very important topic that needs to be acknowledged and discussed. ​Radboudumc​LINDA.NL​ Algemeen Dagblad De Gelderlander