Are Sleep Regressions Real?

Are sleep regressions real? A popular theory suggests that young children go through exactly 10 difficult periods of fussiness followed by leaps in growth, but the evidence isn’t quite so tidy. Click here to read an interesting article about this.

Parental leave

Parental leave The European Parliament has decided that both parents are entitled to paid parental leave of at least two months. Carolina de Weerth has been asked by De Limburger to give her opinion about this directive. “A good step forward”, so she says. Click below for the full article (in Dutch):MGL ouderschapsverlof

A trip around the world with young children

Is it wise to travel around the world with young children? Carolina de Weerth answered this question in an interview with NRC. Click here to read the full article in Dutch.

Interview Mind, Mood & Microbes Conference

Interview Carolina de Weerth An interesting interview with Carolina de Weerth about Stress, bacteria and early development at the Mind, Mood & Microbes Conference, January 2019. Click here to see the video. Click on the second video The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis and Neurodevelopment.

BINGO research on TV

BINGO research on TV Click here to see the video. Skip to 16.16 minutes to see the interview with Peter Bos.

Mind, Mood & Microbes conference – 2019

On 17 and 18 January (2019), the 2nd international conference Mind Mood & Microbes took place at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. It brought together academics, industry, and healthcare professionals.  Exciting new research about the relationship of the gut microbiome and mental health was presented and discussed. Henrik Eckermann presented a poster about…

Christmas story: room sharing

Christmas story: room sharing For under the Christmas tree: Radboud Recharge provides you with 31 stories from the researchers of the Radboud University, with their own view on Christmas. Also the research about room sharing from Roseriet Beijers got his own Christmas twist. Baby Jezus was born under harsh circumstances, but one thing was an advantage:…

Interview Roseriet Beijers in magazine ‘Vroeg’

Interview Roseriet Beijers in magazine ‘Vroeg’ Roseriet Beijers was interviewed by the magazine ‘Vroeg’. This is a magazine about the young child and different themes that play a role in the early life of a child. If you’re interested in this interview, you can request a copy of this article via the e-mail address

Should we feed our children bacteria?

Should we feed our children bacteria? In recent years, scientists have discovered that the microorganisms in our gut can do much more than simply aid in digestion. Indeed, the “gut microbiota,” composed mostly of bacteria, can even influence emotions and cognition, a finding that has sparked a great deal of interest. Also, there is growing evidence…

Kick-off ARC study in Ivory Coast

Kick-off ARC study in Ivory Coast This week we launched our ARC study (Abidjan: Recherche sur la Cognition) in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire. ARC was designed to investigate the effects of dêguê enriched with a probiotic on the health and cognition of young children. Dêguê is a combination of fermented milk and millet and is already a part…