Data collection ARC study completed! – 2019

Early this month we completed data collection for our ARC study (Abidjan: Recherche sur la Cognition) in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire. ARC was designed to investigate the effects of dêguê enriched with a probiotic on the health and cognition of young children. Dêguê is a combination of fermented milk and millet and is already a part of many Ivoirians’ diets. After completing baseline cognitive tests and collecting baseline biological samples, the team of postdoc Bonnie Brett and research assistants Habib, Aimé, Bruno, Assa, and Frédéric gave dêguê to about 170 children over the course of four months each day the children were in school. About half of this group had probiotic dêguê while the other half had dêguê that was fermented with a non-beneficial ferment. We also had a control group of about 100 children who followed their diets as usual during this time. Then, the team spent the month of May completing outcome cognitive assessments, collecting biological samples, and interviewing parents about their children’s moods. They are now working hard in Abidjan to enter and clean all of this data so we can begin our analyses in July when Bonnie will join us once again in the Netherlands! We expect to have results as early as November.