Jose Puertas-Gonzalez – Visiting PhD Student

Jose Puertas-Gonzalez

I am visiting the Developmental Psychobiology Lab (DPB lab) for three months to learn more about the methodologies of longitudinal developmental studies, as well as to delve into early life factors that influence long-term behavior.

My scientific interest, as well as my area of research, is framed in the study of the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in pregnant women and its benefits in their offspring, for example in development. To test this efficacy, I use before and after the intervention various psychological assessment instruments designed to measure the degree of different psychopathologies such as anxiety, depression and/or stress. In addition to psychological assessment instruments, I use biological markers, especially capillary cortisol, to test the benefits of CBT administered during pregnancy, both in mothers and babies.