Summer School 2019

Early Programming: How Early Life Shapes Human Development

8-12 July 2019
Application deadline: 1 June 2019 (early bird discount till 1 April 2019)

This highly interactive course looks into exciting and recently discovered environmental factors and mechanisms that shape early and long-term human development; using evolutionary, biological, and psychological perspectives.

During the prenatal and early postnatal years neurobiological and behavioral development proceeds at a breathtaking pace and is highly sensitive to environmental influences. Early experience shapes early and long-term developmental outcomes. This course focuses on the effects of early experience on human development, and more specifically, on health, cognition, physiology, and socio-emotional development. Factors that play a role in our development will be approached from different perspectives, with special attention to evolutionary, biological, psychological, and social perspectives.

The course is intrinsically interdisciplinary and will cover a broad range of topics. The programme will consist of lectures and a variety of individual and small group assignments that will be discussed in plenary sessions. Students will receive a reader with a selection of literature.

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