Anke Rademaker – Master Student

Anke Rademaker

I am interested in the link between the development of the stress system and psychopathology, and in sleep research. To study these phenomena, I like to use an interdisciplinary approach; I have a multidisciplinary background in Medical Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience, with a minor in Psychology and a minor in Methods and Statistics.  I would like to contribute to research that has implications for psychiatry and mental health. I’m very excited to be a part of the DPB lab, because it allows me to study the topics which I find incredibly fascinating, in an interdisciplinary way. 

As an intern, I will be involved in the GO Baby study data collection (welcoming and guiding mothers with their babies in the lab) and the BIBO study (preparing the sleep EEG data collection and collecting the data). Aside from this, I will write my thesis on the BIBO data from previous years.